Booking Policy

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  1. Price alterations/technical errors
    Airwave Concept reserves the right to make changes due to technical errors and price alterations beyond our control, and we reserve the right to contact the traveller within 24 hours on weekdays to make any amendments to bookings made. If technical problems occur close to or during weekends, we will contact the traveller on the next working day. Airwave Concept reserves the right to cancel the reservation in the event of technical problems and price errors beyond our control. The traveller will be notified by e-mail in this instance.
  2. Infants
    Children between the age 0-2 will travel as infants and will not be allocated a seat of their own. A child ticket must be booked for the entire trip if the infant reaches the age of 2 before the end of the trip. Infant tickets cannot be booked before birth as the correct name and date of birth must match those stated in the passport. We do not book infants later. Airwave Concept will not reimburse any expenses arising if the wrong type of ticket has been booked from the outset.
  3. Taxes
    The ticket price shown is inclusive of airport taxes. A departure tax must be paid in cash on departure from some airports. It is the responsibility of the traveller to check this information.
  4. Double booking
    It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure that any double bookings are cancelled irrespective of where they are made. Otherwise the traveller risks the airline cancelling the double booking with no prior notice. Airwave Concept accepts no liability for airline cancellations or failure to provide refunds in connection with this.
  5. Premium Economy, Business, First Class
    This service may only be purchased at the time of booking. Depending on the airline, the service may sometimes only be offered on certain sections of the journey.
    The on-board service available will differ between airlines. For specific information, please refer to each airline's own website. Airwave Concept cannot be held responsible if an airline changes the type of aircraft or overbooks a cabin class, which may then entail changes to the range of available services or a downgrade. Any complaints must therefore be made directly to the relevant airline.